Monday, February 19, 2018

Hiker's body found down precipice*

BODY REMOVED: National Security personnel get ready to retrieve the body of lost hiker Richard Baird (inset) at Aripo Community Centre grounds yesterday. —Photo: KEJAN HAYNES

Organiser of the group Island Hikers/Fitness Walkers, Mario Russell, said yesterday the group was saddened by the death of one its regular hikers, Richard Baird.
Baird, 55, went missing after he fell off a trail to Hollis Waterfall in Aripo last Saturday.
The hike was led by Fitness Walkers.
Baird's body was found around 12.15 p.m. yesterday on the right side of a ridge that leads to the Hollis Waterfall.

The body of missing hiker Richard Baird was found yesterday afternoon, four days after he disappeared into the Northern Range during a hike in the Arepor Forest

Following the discovery, a helicopter from the National Operations Centre was utilised in an attempt to airlift the body, but up to 5.30 p.m. with fading light the retrieval was called off.
Police said that Baird's body was found 600 feet down a precipice but during their first attempt at retrieval only 300 feet of rope was brought, which was insufficient.
Today, a team of experienced hikers and locals will begin clearing a landing area to allow the helicopter to descend following which the body is expected to be retrieved and then flown out of the forest.

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