Thursday, February 22, 2018

Precious seeking souls

Evangelist hosts outreach event on Sunday

Evangelist Mellisa Precious Lee belongs to a generation of women in leadership who continues to give purpose and shape to her women’s ministry by empowering and encouraging women to achieve their God-given purpose.
Lee understood her God-given purpose early on in life, and continues to lead by example. Lee is an international evangelist and award winning gospel music minister, who has recorded two successful albums.
She is the founder and CEO of Jesus Soul Seekers International Ministry and together with her husband, Devon G Lee, hosts a series of empowerment events targeting men and women. This Sunday, the evangelists will continue the I AM PRECIOUS International Women’s Ministry outreach programme, at the Globe building (formally Globe Cinema), Park Street in Port of Spain, from 3 p.m. Refreshments will be served to all.
Lee said this session is expected to be a dynamic experience, with praise and worship by some of the leading music ministers in the country. Lee is expected to minister in song and she will also deliver her personal testimony, which continues to impact lives.
Lee had her own difficult journey before she found her own purpose in life. Lee said she has come from wanting to give up on life to loving life.
She is the author of the First Love, which encourages persons to seek to develop a more stable, deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.
She’s been a popular radio and TV host for over a decade and she is the founder and CEO of at Precious Academy Of The Arts where she teaches vocal training and sign language.
She has had the opportunity to travel to many countries ministering alongside acclaimed men evangelists including Kirk Franklin, Benny Hinn, Helen Baylor, Papa San, Donnie McClurkin, Myles Monroe, and Yolanda Adams.
“My personal journey has had its many challenges, God taught me that I AM PRECIOUS, an acronym for Purpose-Driven, Royal, Excellent, Coachable, Intelligent, Outstanding, Unmoveable, and Sold Out for Christ. Even when I was at the point of committing suicide, now my life is all about adding value to others and teaching them that they are precious to God.
“I AM PRECIOUS is the women’s arm of our Mentoring Ministry Movement. Both ministries consist of many team members from all across the country. As an organisation, we have been focused on and committed to contributing to the positive social change of our nation and beyond.
“We do this through various outreach projects including food drives, home building projects, missions trips, clothing programmes, school supply distribution ministry, school training programmes, prison ministry, conferences, workshops, community outreach, national prayer movements and crusades.
“On a monthly basis we have what we call empowerment sessions, held every last Sunday from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. Our July session addressed the topic of Human Trafficking, sensitising the women to the reality of its existence in our nation and world at large, sharing ways and means to avoid becoming a target.
“The sessions include dynamic praise and worship by some of the leading music ministers in the country. Our speakers include very successful, respected, well-acclaimed leaders. Prayer is a very integral part of the ministry, as we consistently pray for the nation, families, marriages etcetera. Launched officially on April 8, this year, these life changing sessions began with over 200 women in attendance and has since outgrown our last venue at the Bureau of Standards,” Lee said.
Lee said this Sunday’s session is not exclusive to women. She is expecting men to also come out in their numbers. She said the sessions are well-balanced.
“Although it’s a women’s ministry husbands and their wives come together, so men are always present with us, and the men are always welcome. So it’s not just about women’s liberation at all. In fact we teach women to honour their husbands and to honour the men in their lives.
“This session is geared towards family and marriages, specifically the restoration of family relationships the restoration of marriage. People have testified about being healed. People who have lost their faith have been restored. Marriages have been restored,” Lee said.
Lee remains committed to connecting generations of women, changing their lives and enhancing their personal spiritual development. She is urging families to attend this session and to stay tuned for the series of empowerment sessions.