Saturday, January 20, 2018

Deciphering Dr Rowley’s Petrotrin plan*

There are several curious aspects to the statement given by Prime Minister Keith Rowley some two weeks ago on the issue of what his Government proposed to do about State-owned oil company Petrotrin. Indeed the statement might properly be described as one of negative transparency in that it set out, by revealing a little bit, to conceal a whole lot more.
The very first curious aspect of the Prime Minister’s statement was the matter of when and where it was given. Dr Rowley chose to deliver his statement at an early morning news conference at Piarco International Airport on September 1 just before he left the country for a week-long medical check up in California, USA.
The question of what to do about Petrotrin is one of the most important public policy issues facing the Government and country at this time. In recognition of the significance of this issue the Government had appointed as far back as March this year a seven-member committee charged with reviewing the operations of Petrotrin and making recommendations for the restructuring of the company.

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