Friday, January 19, 2018

Fighting cancer with yoga *

TWISTS AND TURNS: Da Costa does a yoga pose called Seated Spinal Twist.

Most people who have, or are, undergoing cancer treatment, experience not just the psychological concerns of the disease itself, but the physical changes such as extreme fatigue or nausea brought on from cancer treatments.

Many patients also complain of feeling weak and despondent. With so many methods of treatment available, yoga is emerging as one of the more successful methods of combating these side effects associated with the disease.

Stephenie Sobrian Da Costa is a yoga for cancer instructor. If you do not see the immediate connection between cancer and yoga, Da Costa says it is common, but as unlikely a match yoga and cancer might be; yoga has many benefits for everyone, including cancer patients and cancer survivors.

Da Costa says she is no miracle worker but wants the society to keep an open mind to yoga.


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