Saturday, February 17, 2018

Irma’s sad, costly tale *

GIVEN THE reports of depressing widespread destruction across the Caribbean region, with some states being more devastated or disrupted than others, it would be useful for a central regional agency like the Caricom Secretariat to offer an informed overview of the situation on the basis of reliable information received or obtained.
This could prove helpful in influencing better positive public responses rather than to receive conflicting reports from various sources that could result in negative public responses to the scale and urgency of what’s required.
At the time of writing, both the member state of Caricom—Antigua and Barbuda—as well as an influential ally/observer like Cuba, have been assessing the financial costs and scale of human dislocations resulting from the ferocious battering received from Hurricane Irma.
When we ponder the overall loss in lives, injuries and extensive destruction wrought in states of the US, there is much relief in learning of what worse conditions from which our Caricom states and other nations in this hemisphere have been spared.

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