Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Finding the ferry facts*

The Tobago Ferry issue has gone from bad to worse, with at least four enquiries underway. There are now enquiries being done by the Integrity Commission; PWC, on behalf of the Port Authority Board; Christian Mouttet and of course, the ongoing live spectacle at the Joint Select Committee (JSC) of Parliament on Land & Infrastructure (?).
I expect the JSC Report to be published in due course, as they always are, given the high level of service delivered by our Parliamentary staff. We do not know the terms of reference of the other enquiries and I would be very surprised if anything solid ever emerges from those quarters, other than the usual, sickening, political blame-game.
There have also been many complaints from citizens and business service organisations, seeking relief from the immense stress which this ferry situation is causing on both sides of the waters. Most notably there have been calls from T&T Transparency Institute for publication of all the procurement details and Fixin T&T which requested those details from the Port Authority via the Freedom of Information Act. I support both those calls and would add that, in addition to the requested details, all the Reports of those enquiries must be published.

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