Friday, January 19, 2018

'Help bring her body back'*

VICTIM OF IRMA: Melan June Salvary-Doyle (left) SWEPT AWAY: Olivier Robert Doyle-Gedio

Relatives of Trinidadian Melan June Salvary-Doyle, who was killed along with her three-year-old grandson during Hurricane Irma on French St Martin last Wednesday are pleading for assistance to bring her body back home.
Her sister, Patricia Doyle-Alexander, said her sister's children were young and needed help.
She said, “The children need some guidance. They cannot afford to bring her home. We would need some assistance. We really want to have my sister's funeral at home and we are appealing to the authorities for help.”
The bodies of 63-year-old Salvary-Doyle and her grandson Olivier were discovered on Sunday.
Relatives said Salvary-Doyle and her grandson were swept away by floodwaters while trying to escape their shelter which had been torn apart.

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