Friday, January 19, 2018

The Library Corner clock is returning

Preparations for the return of the clock at Library Corner, San Fernando. Photo: TREVOR WATSON

The historic clock removed to make way for a new traffic plan in the city of San Fernando will return on Thursday, not far from its original location.

The overnight removal of the 51-year-old landmark in August caused outrage among citizens, who called for its immediate return.

Mayor Junia Regrello said then that the clock had not disappeared and promised that it would be reinstalled soon.

The San Fernando city clock would be reinstalled on the “island” near Library Corner.

It was removed from “island” separating Mucurapo Street and Coffee Street to include an additional lane leading into Coffee Street.

The timepiece was uprooted to facilitate Regrello's new traffic plan, which included the relocation of taxi stands and removal of street vendors.

The clock was gifted to the people of San Fernando by businessman Carlton K Mack to commemorate the fourth year of Trinidad and Tobago's independence on August 31, 1966.

Regrello said the clock was stored at the San Fernando City Corporation building for safe keeping until it is reinstalled not far from the original spot.

He said the clock was removed to create an additional lane along Coffee Street to increase the flow of traffic.