Sunday, December 17, 2017


MOUTTET REPORT REVEALED: Port CEO can't recall contact from Baja Ferries offering 'Cabo Star'

Sole Investigator: Christian Mouttet

I do not recall.
That in a nutshell is what suspended acting CEO of Trinidad and Tobago Inter-island Transport (TTIT) Leon Grant told sole investigator Christian Mouttet when questioned on whether Baja Ferries, the original owner of the Cabo Star, had made contact with him offering the vessel to the port prior to the appearance of Bridgemans.
Shortly thereafter, Bridgemans purchased the same vessel from Baja Ferries and successfully approached the port and secured the contract.
Baja Ferries told Mouttet the Cabo Star could have been chartered by the T&T Government at a “substantially lower daily rate” than the US$22,500 charged by Bridgemans.
The Express obtained a copy of the September 14 report into the procurement of the Cabo Star and the Ocean Flower II, which was prepared by Mouttet “with assistance from the Ministry of the Attorney General and Legal Affairs”.

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