Wednesday, February 21, 2018

...‘It was an error in syntax’ *

Opposition Senator Wade Mark

A “syntax error”.

That is how UNC Senator and member of the Joint Select Committee (JSC) Wade Mark described his attribution of an incorrect e-mail address to the Prime Minister.

In a statement yesterday, Mark said: “The Prime Minister having failed to identify the name of the recipient on the e-mail in question as well as to circulate the purported e-mail to members of the Joint Select Committee, I proceeded on my recollection of the evidence to ascertain from a witness, appearing before the JSC, whether he was the owner of that e-mail address [referred to by the Prime Minister]”.

Mark said it was in that context that “an error in syntax was made”. “However,” he said, “the witness immediately corrected the error himself by indicating to the Committee the correct syntax of his e-mail address which corresponded to the evidence provided by the Prime Minister on Monday.”


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