Sunday, February 18, 2018

Port CEO: Minister's meddling caused concern *

JSC enquiry into ferry fiasco...

CEO of the Port Authority Charmaine Lewis

CEO of the Port Authority Charmaine Lewis said she had concerns over Works Minister Rohan Sinanan “instruction” to now suspended CEO of the T&T Inter-Island Transportation Company Ltd (TTIT) Leon Grant to go and inspect the Atlantic Provider even before the Port's evaluation process for a cargo vessel began.

Quoting the language allegedly used by the minister, Lewis during testimony to the Joint Select Committee at the Port of Spain Waterfront Complex on Wednesday night, said the minister told Grant: “Dem fellas and dem have a barge and they's normally bring rigs from Miami]”.

She said the minister indicated he thought the barge would be suitable for the inter-island route.

“That conversation took place even before the evaluation and the formal submission of the barge to the Port, she said, turning to Grant (who sat on her left) for confirmation.


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