Friday, December 15, 2017

‘We hungry’*

Dominicans fight for food, water

ON THE RUN: A man clutching an item is chased in Dominica. —Photo: BARBADOS NATION

DOMINICA is in a state of emergency.
In more ways than one.
The island’s capital city Roseau is in ruins, looters were running amok on Thursday as law enforcement officials tried to restore law and order. Streets were impassible, and citizens were fighting for food. Unconfirmed reports indicate the death toll could be around 20 or as high as 35. Hurricane Maria has truly left the “Nature Isle” flattened. The storm and its 160-mile-per-hour winds blasted Dominica late on Monday night, and most had feared the worst.
They were right. Ninety-nine per cent of electronic communication on the island remained down.
Most of the structures in Roseau in particular were destroyed, their roofs and solar water heaters on the roadside.  In Goodwill, just ten minutes outside the city, the Coast Guard Headquarters was a dishevelled mess, and women and children sat around clueless as to where their next meal would come from.
“I have no brassiere. I have no panty. I have no more clothes,” one mother screamed to a media crew. 

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