Friday, December 15, 2017

'Graveyard water flooding my home'

...La Brea resident appeals for help

La Brea resident Annmarie Clouden is calling on Member of Parliament Nicole Olivierre, Brighton/Vessigny councilor Gerald Debesette and the Siparia Regional Corporation to work together to put an end to water seeping from the La Brea Old Cemetery and flowing into her home.

Clouden, who lives on Marshall Street said for the past two years she has been battling with foul-smelling, bacteria-carrying water from the cemetery flooding her home whenever there's rainfall. She said as a result she has gotten sick on a number of occasions and her feet is now swollen.

“Leading up to the election in 2015 they came and constructed walkways in front of everyone's property. However, because they were poorly constructed, the water flows into people's yards instead of flowing naturally into the drain”

She said because she is situated at the bottom of a slope the water from the cemetery flows down and floods her home.

“In July I reported my plight to Debesette, who lives walking distance from me, but I am yet to get any feedback from him. On August 4 I took my complaint to Ms Olivierre, who said she would come in person to see the gravity of my situation, only for her to proceed on vacation.”

Clouden said despite the La Brea MP having returned from vacation she has not keep her promise with regards to paying her a visit.

“All I want is for the water to be redirected so that it can flow into the drain instead of unto my property. Once that is done I would not be flooded out and I would have to endure that foul, sickening stench.

Clouden said she cannot understand why such a simple matter seems unable to gain the attention of those in authority.

Debesette could not be reached for a comment on the issue, however, Olivierre said she is aware of the matter as Clouden did speak with her.

“I would have instructed a member of my staff to look into the matter so I'll seek feedback on if any action was initiated.

“While I understand Ms Clouden frustration and empathise with her, we simply cannot deal with everyone's issue at the same time based on the number of people who walk through our doors on a daily basis,” Olivierre said.

She said if Clouden's complaint is not receiving any attention at this point she will ensure that it does.