Monday, February 19, 2018

Six shot in Laventille: 1 dead*

One man is dead, while five others are nursing gunshot wounds following a shooting in Laventille yesterday afternoon. The deceased has been identified as Isiah Sanchez.
His killing takes the murder toll for the year to date to 359.
The other victims are Joel Williams, 20; Andy Huggins, 21; Pamela Lee, 34; Sheldon Jemont, 27; and Raymond ­Anthony, 55.  According to reports, the six were standing in the parking lot of Clifton Towers, off St Paul Street, Laventille, when a ­vehicle drove onto the compound. Two men exited the vehicle, armed with guns. The two men then shot in an erratic manner, hitting the six in the process. They then returned to the vehicle and left the scene.
The police were notified and the six wounded persons were taken to Port of Spain General Hospital.
Sanchez was pronounced dead on arrival.

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