Thursday, February 22, 2018

Simply ‘Z’*

Risen From the Graveyard of Dreams

Zulema by Marlon James, Make-up by More Than Makeup. Roger’s Hair Den.

JUST for your information, reinvention doesn’t come with an expiration date.
Zulema Charles spent much of her life pursuing the world of dance; for ten years she performed and toured with Machel Montano and the HD Family up until she says the universe spoke to her and put her life on a path towards a greater purpose. She has since reinvented herself into a bodybuilder, certified health and wellness coach and personal trainer. None of this has come without its challenges for this classically trained dancer and national bodybuilding champion who is known simply as ‘Z’ or ‘ZeeFit’. But who said going after your dreams would be a walk in the park? Not only has bodybuilding tested her physical and mental limits but Z has also faced discouragement, and as a Trinidadian athlete she has learned one hard and bitter truth: T&T can be a graveyard for dreams because of a lack of funding, particularly if you’re among other athletes who rely on sponsorships and support from the public and private sectors. But she refuses to give up. Z, who has trained herself and won bodybuilding competitions on her own merit has proven that she’s up for any challenge. In fact, she embraces it.

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