Monday, January 22, 2018

Southern Hospitality*

San Fernando rolls out the red carpet

San Fernando’s tempo has longed been immortalised in calypso. A fast growing hub with a cosmopolitan population SanDo, as she is popularly called, has been abuzz with developmental projects for the better part of the last decade.
The completion and opening of a couple of the town’s major private undertakings have rendered Calypso Rose’s famous summation, albeit meant for a different era, still applicable. The South Park and C3 Centre multiplexes, with their eye-catching designs, pegged against the natural beauty of the town’s famous hill, have rendered SanDo relevant on a national scale.
Walking into the foyer at C3 Centre you begin to understand just how spoilt for choice Southerners have become. Several restaurants lined the path to the centre’s cinema complex. They’re all spanking new and modern in design. And all look tantalising prospects.
Those with the Trinidad and Tobago Restaurant Week (TTRW) paraphernalia on display got the most attention, as curious guests peered in at their menus, calculating the savings. Apart from saving money the warm reception and professionalism of all the restaurants the Express visited added to the overall southern charm.

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