Saturday, February 17, 2018

Dad: Nobody cares*

One year after Ria Sookdeo’s abduction...


ONE year ago last Friday, mother of two Ria Sookdeo was abducted after dropping off her children at Picton Presbyterian Primary School in Debe,
She was never seen again.
The only thing holding the family together, they say, is each other and faith in God.
Sookdeo’s father, Frankie Rajkumar, criticised the police for failing the family.
He said that following the kidnapping, police officers were invested in finding Sookdeo.
However, the calls and visits from the police officers stopped as if “finding her was no longer a matter of priority for them”.
“Nobody cares that she is missing. Nobody doing anything to find her. How long can we go on without any word from the police? I woke up this morning and cried because of this.

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