Sunday, December 17, 2017

No JSC ‘fake oil’ enquiry ‘at this time’*

THE Joint Select Committee (JSC) on State Enterprises took a decision not to embark “at this time” upon an enquiry into the Petrotrin “fake oil” allegations.
So said JSC chairman Senator David Small. “The committee met and the matter was considered. There was much discussion and a decision was taken. So as the chairman, there is little else for me to do. I have moved on,” he said.
“The critical thing is that the committee took the decision not to do anything in terms of an enquiry at this time,” he added.
Small explained that Petrotrin has a series of activities it is undertaking, including the work of the independent investigator.
“So I think part of the consideration of the committee is try to understand what Petrotrin is doing and see the outcome of those things. It may be that at an appropriate time the committee would try to look at it again,” he said.

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