Saturday, January 20, 2018

Gusty winds topple tree; two injured

TWO people were seriously injured after a tree fell on a car at Granville Beach in Cedros due to gusty winds that swept across the country yesterday afternoon.
Members of the community and other beach goers who witnessed the incident attempted to assist the injured individuals but were unable to remove one of them from inside the vehicle given the size and weight of the tree, the Express was told.
Fire Service officers had to use chainsaws to cut the tree and rescue the motorist, Savitri Andy, before she was placed in an ambulance and taken to the Point Fortin Hospital for treatment.
Eyewitnesses said Andy, of Gasparillo, was driving her Nissan AD wagon along Granville Beach Road when the tree fell and crushed the vehicle.
The other injured person was standing close to the car when he was struck by the falling tree and fell unconscious. He, too, was taken to the Point Fortin Hospital in a police vehicle.
WPC Eastman and other officers of Cedros Police Station responded to the report. This was only one of a number of incidents that took place throughout Trinidad due to the freak storm.
Information reaching the Express newsroom stated that the winds brought down trees and utility poles in several areas, including St James, Diego Martin, Valsayn, Chaguanas and around the Queen’s Park Savannah.
Reports stated that the entire roof of a home was blown off at Goodwood Gardens in Diego Martin, while trees fell on two houses at Bombay Street, St James, and Cunupia.
Galvanise sheets were also torn off several roofs in a number of areas in Central Trinidad. Traffic along part of the south-bound lane of the Uriah Butler Highway, near the Divali Nagar site, was also affected after a fallen tree blocked its path.