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Woman at centre of David Sancaro murder case steps forward and tells mom:


HOW does the National Awards Committee go about determining the truthfulness of an act of ­heroism when someone is nominated for an award for gallantry?

The question comes from the woman at the centre of the fatal incident outside a pub at Otaheite Village, South Oropouche, in July.
The case would end up with a man being charged with the murder of teenager David Sancaro, whose “heroism” was celebrated at the National Awards Ceremony on Republic Day last week Sunday.

It was widely reported that Sancaro was killed by the driver of a pick-up, after the teenager and two other young men from the village allegedly rescued a woman who was being beaten by her boyfriend.

The accused driver, father of two Anthony Sinanan, 37, is now on remand at the Golden Grove Prison, Arouca, awaiting the start of the preliminary enquiry in the Siparia Magistrates’ Court.

At the National Academy for the Performing Arts (NAPA) in Port of Spain, Sancaro’s mother, Yucklan Sancaro, got a standing ovation when she was received on stage by President Anthony Carmona, who said he knew the deceased teenager from his hometown in Fyzabad and that his death had affected the entire country.

Coming forward

The mother was also embraced by Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley as she accepted the Hummingbird Medal (Bronze) on behalf of her child.
“The president said it really hurt the entire country to know what happened that night,” ­Sancaro told reporters afterwards.

“This driver was so ignorant. All he could have done was get in his van and drive away. You so ignorant that night, you had to kill somebody?
“The person who did this, I want justice for my child. The woman who was there that night when my son was killed, I hope she comes forward as a witness and speak the truth,” Sancaro said.

The woman has stepped forward. Together with her husband, she met with the Express last week Friday. The 33-year-old housewife and mother of an 11-year-old girl said she wanted Yucklan Sancaro to know the truth.

“Your son was no hero. I was never beaten. I was not a victim,” she said.


Her story: Express reporter Richard Charan interviews the woman and her husband who were at the centre of the incident back in July that led to the death of teenager David Sancaro, who was posthumously awarded a medal for gallantry on Republic Day. —Photo: DEXTER PHILIP

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