Saturday, February 17, 2018

Vegas victims shared love of country music, zest for life*

This photo combination shows some of the victims of the mass shooting that occurred at a country music festival in Las Vegas on Sunday, Oct. 1, 2017. Top row from left are: Hannah Ahlers, Heather Warino Alvarado, Carrie Barnette, Steven Berger, Candice Bowers, Denise Burditus, Sandy Casey, Andrea Castilla and Denise Cohen. Second row from left are: Austin Davis, Tom Day Jr., Christiana Duarte, Stacee Etcheber, Brian Fraser, Keri Lynn Galvan, Dana Gardner, Angie Gomez and Rocio Guillen. Third row from left are: Charleston Hartfield, Jennifer Topaz Irvine, Nicol Kimura, Jessica Klymchuk, Rhonda LeRocque, Kelsey Meadows, Calla Medig, Sonny Melton and Pati Mestas. Fourth row from left are: Adrian Murfitt, Rachael Parker, Carrie Parsons, Lisa Patterson, John Phippen, Melissa Ramirez, Jordyn Rivera, Quinton Robbins and Cameron Robinson. Bottom row from left are: Lisa Romero-Muniz, Christopher Roybal, Bailey Schweitzer, Laura Shipp, Erick Silva, Brennan Stewart, Derrick Taylor, Michelle Vo and Bill Wolfe Jr. —Photo AP

Pati Mestas was a firecracker. Candice Bowers a tough-minded mom. Hannah Ahlers her family's sunshine. The victims of last Sunday's mass shooting at a Las Vegas concert in Nevada, USA, lived their lives with passion and a love of country music.
Some families took comfort knowing the victims spent their last hours dancing to their favourite songs. Others grappled with harrowing thoughts about the night of terror.

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