Thursday, February 22, 2018

Celebrating the legacy of our First Peoples*

Greetings: Host of the event Prince of Moruga Eric Lewis, from left, Chief of the First Native Peoples of the Moruga region Paul Navarro and Chief of the Santa Rosa First Peoples community Ricardo Bharath ­Hernandez. —Photos: HEATHER-DAWN HERRERA

As part of the week-long calendar of events in celebration of a one-off holiday tomorrow, the Santa Rosa First ­Peoples community embarked on an ancestral journey to Moruga to perform their annual water ritual in remembrance of our ancestors.
This was part of a full ­cultural event during which Ricardo ­Bharath Hernandez, Chief of Arima, pointed out that in the past these water rituals were usually performed along rivers of our Northern Range such as ­Lopinot, etc. ­However, this year someone ­suggested to him that it be done by the sea.

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