Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Funeral cancelled: Bodies of hurricane victims not yet home

Melan June Salvary-Doyle and her three-year-old grandson, Olivier Robert Doyle-Gedio

 The funeral service for Trinidadian Melan June Salvary-Doyle and her three-year-old grandson, Olivier Robert Doyle-Gedio, has been cancelled as the bodies did not arrive in Trinidad on Saturday.

Salvary-Doyle's daughter, Daphne Doyle, who lives in St Martin returned to Trinidad to lay to rest her mother and son at the weekend.

The family was told that the bodies were in Guadeloupe and were expected to return home on Saturday.

But the bodies never left Guadeloupe.

The relatives were told that officials in Guadeloupe were requesting more documentation before the bodies were released.

“I cannot say what they want but I know they waiting for some document. It did not come as expected so we could not have the funeral. We had to cancel until the bodies get here,” a relative said.

Salvary-Doyle and little Olivier were found dead in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma in St Martin last month.

Salvary-Doyle and her grandson who was born in St Martin, were discovered by a clean-up crew in a flooded area four days after Irma's assault on the island.

Relatives said the 64-year-old woman cared for the grandchild since birth and it was fitting to have a double funeral service.

Salvary-Doyle of San Fernando went to St Martin three weeks before the hurricane, one of many regular visits where she stayed with her daughter, Olivier's mother, and assists with caring for her grandchildren.

The little boy had accompanied his grandmother from Trinidad.

The Trinidad and Tobago Government stepped in to assist the family in bringing the families back home.