Saturday, February 24, 2018

Casino workers get a meeting...but not with Imbert

Casino workers protesting near Finance Minister Colm Imbert's home on Wednesday.

A DAY after a protest at the house of Minister of Finance Colm Imbert, members of the gaming industry will get the opportunity to  officials of the ministry on Friday.

President of the Trinidad and Tobago Members Club Association Sherry Persad said in a media release that the association was invited to a meeting with junior finance minister Allyson West.

“After desperately requesting an opportunity to speak with the Minister of Finance to discuss the details concerning the Gaming Industry and the 100% increase in Gaming Taxes, the Trinidad & Tobago Members Club Association (“The Owners”) have been invited to a meeting with Minister in the Ministry of Finance, Allyson West on Friday at the ministry of finance. The TTMCA is grateful for the opportunity to share with the minister our concerns about the increase in the Gaming Tax and how it will destroy our industry" Persad stated.