Saturday, February 24, 2018

Children trapped by flood, caimans

The flooding overnight in Caparo, central Trinidad.

A Chaguanas family awoke this morning to find a sea around their home, as flood waters rose overnight.

Police said the couple and their three children attempted to wade through the high waters to safety.

But stopped short when they came face to face with three caimans in the water.

Police said the three children, ages 13, eight and three, live in the house located at Pokhor Road, Londgenville.

The Express were told, “The parents were not in the part of the house with the children. They tried getting to the children to take them out but there are caimans surrounding the house. It is very scary. The house is completely surrounded, it is like a sea.”

Residents have contacted the Fire Services and police to assist in rescuing the family.