Thursday, February 22, 2018

Cow rescued from rising flood waters

...good Samaritan responds to SOS

A cow tied on a river bank in Sangre Grande was rescued from rising flood waters on Wednesday night.

Residents of Picton Road Extension claimed that the animal was abandoned by its owner weeks ago.

And when the heavy rains came on Divali Day, the river burst its banks endangering the cow.

A resident, who asked not to be named, said she became fearful and reached out for help on social media.

“The cow was there weeks not and the river overflowed. I became so afraid for him. I couldn't watch that. So I went on the internet and started asking for help. The water was up to the cow's belly and he would have drowned,” she said.

The woman said she contacted the Trinidad and Tobago Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (TTSPCA) and Animals Alive activists seeking help.

At nightfall on Wednesday, she said, help arrived.

A group of men drove through high flood waters in a van and waded through the water in life jackets. She said the men unfastened the rope and rescued the animal.

“I don't know the people but they saved that animal. I am very thankful. They are truly heroes to come out on Divali day in that weather to help. The animal has been taken to an animal shelter where it will be cared for. I was told that if the cow was left there it would have drowned,” she said.

Katherine Cleghorn, president of Animals Alive, said the animal was taken to its shelter in South Oropouche.

She said, “A young lady sent out an SOS to us seeking help to rescue this animal. We in turn placed it on our Facebook page and asked for help. This man, who is not a member of the organisation, used his own resources to go into the flood water and rescued the animal.”

Cleghorn said the Sangre Grande police were noticed and permission was granted to remove the animal.

“The animal is now at the shelter, dry and being cared for. The owner was careless and merciless and had not attended to this animal in months, leaving it exposed to the sun and rain,” she said.

The village of Picton Road Extension suffered severe flooding on Wednesday night. Residents were unable to celebrate Divali, the Express was told.

Residents said crops were also lost in the flood waters.