Monday, February 19, 2018

On the verge of disaster

WHILE citizens were enjoying Divali festivities on Wednesday night, Arima grandfather Gaston Richardson was trying to save his house from being washed away into the Guanapo River.

Richardson, 60, is literally living on the edge, as the river bank bounding his house has eroded and threatening to take his house at Manuel Congo, Arima.

The retired father of two and grandfather of eight, said on Wednesday night he got a backhoe to excavate the sewer tanks situation near the collapsed river bank.

“I could not sleep last night, I was just watching my house and property to see if it would fall in the river”, he said.

Richardson has lived on the property for almost five years, but has owned it for 28.

He said he has been appealing to his Member of Parliament Maxie Cuffie and the Environmental Management Agency for intervention to prevent the situation he is now in.

However, nothing was ever done.

“It has been years now I asked Minister Cuffie and the EMA to assist me and build a retaining wall before something like this happens. People came and take information and pictures and they left and never came back. Now I am about to lose my house. This could have been avoided but nobody did anything to help me”, he said.

Richardson said that the collapse of the river bank has exposed a ten-inch main National Gas Company pipeline.

He said his coconut, avocado and lime trees surrounding the property have all fallen and washed away in the river course.

“I need attention now. My house is about to go. What more can I say?”, he said.