Saturday, February 24, 2018

'Selfish citizens caused the floods!'

...not Mother Nature

A submerged excavator in a quarry near Sangre Grande on Thursday.

IT was not Mother Nature, but selfish people who caused major flooding across Sangre Grande and north east Trinidad.

This according Chairman of the Sangre Grande Borough Corporation Terry Rondon who with clean-up crews visited flooded areas on Thursday.

Rondon said: “The squatters and developers are blocking the water courses and causing this problem. Selfishness is causing this”, he said. “This (flooding) is not caused by mother nature, but because of the blocked watercourses it caused the water to flow into people's properties”, he said.

“The Oropuche river is taking in water from Tamana and other areas. We are preparing ourselves for a terrible evening. Although the rain has subsided we are preparing for worse floods when the tides rise”, said Rondon.

He said the areas most affected were Fishing Pond, Vega, Gordon Miller, North Oropouche, La Seiva and Sangre Chiquito.
Photos on social media showed the tip of an excavator submerged in a quarry near Sangre Grande.