Thursday, February 22, 2018

Wild meat stopped at the border

Customs and Excise officers have seized a shipment of wild meat being smuggled into this country on Wednesday.

Agriculture Minister Clarence Rambharat has appealed to citizens to be aware of the illegal meat as it may be harmful for human consumption.

The officers were on patrol in the area when they searched a vessel in Cedros and found a large amount of wild meat.

The Express was told that there were over 100 agouti, deer, wild hog, lappe and tattoo.

The Agriculture Ministry's Animal Production Department and Health Division have been contacted and were dealing with the matter, Rambharat said.

“Consumers of wild meat are reminded to be on the lookout for meat being brought into the country illegally. This meat may be harmful for human consumption,” he said.

Police said three persons were being interviewed in connection with the find.

Rambharat said the carcasses were being identified by specie, counted, weighed, marked, sprayed and would be incinerated.