Thursday, February 22, 2018

Free food for flood victims

FREE food will be delivered this morning to the residents along the flooded Rochard Douglas Road, Barrackpore.

Business owner Eddie Surjan says he is doing this as a way of assisting members of his community affected by the floods.

Surjan said he planned to deliver food to families and senior citizens.

Surjan who has operated the Barrackpore business place for the past two years said:,  “People have always supported us so we decided to now go out and support them.”

He said the plan was to serve the meal at the business place, located near the market place in the area, but he realized that people were unable to leave their homes. Surjan organized with van drivers from the village to deliver the meals.

He and his employees will make the trip.

Surjan said his employees would usually begin cooking at 3.30a.m. and he would open his business at 5 a.m. This morning he will be heading  out in the community. Surjan posted a picture with showing a variety of food including bodi, patchoi, pumpkin, fried potato.

In his Facebook post, he announced that the “Barrackpore Breakfast Shed has opened its kitchen this morning for flood victims or (those) who are unable to cook or elderly persons who (are) stranded by the flood and who really need it. This is absolutely free.”

He also called on people with “high vehicles” who are willing to volunteer to transport food to victim to message or call him. He also said that “If you know anybody who would need our assistance or if you are willing to help out plz message me or call. Please share this around Barrackpore, maybe we might safe somebody's life”