Saturday, February 24, 2018

What's hiding in this water? Teeth and fangs!

A resident of Boodoo Branch Trace, Barrackpore looks at a sea of water outside his home on Thursday. Source: Local Government councillor Kumarie Kuarsingh

BEFORE you go frolicking in flood, consider that what may be lurking beneath those murky waters.

Herpetologist Sayad Ali of the Serpentarium of Trinidad and Tobago said that the floods are displacing animals from their habitat.

Ali said that this week the unit had received numerous calls to retrieve mainly caimans.

The calls came from mainly St Helena and Kelly Village, but he said that caimans are throughout the country.

Snails are also emerging from rivers.

Ali said they also received a call about a snake in Macaulay, Claxton Bay. By the time members of the unit arrived residents had killed it.

“We got a call on Tuesday. But when we got there it was nowhere to be found and we heard afterwards that they had killed it. From the description we got it was a boa constrictor macaguel”, said Ali.

They were also asked to respond to a report of bees in Diego Martin.

“We just got a call about caimans in someone's garage in St Augustine. Members are heading there now to try to rescue them”, Ali told the Express on Friday morning.

He warned that caimans would attempt to defend themselves if threatened.

“The caimans in Trinidad are quite common and found throughout the country. With the rushing water levels they will get displaced and depending on the environment they might be a bit scared. If you encounter one and they feel threatened it's going to bite. Depending on the size would determine the severity of the bite”, he said.

“You have so many things in the water right now we need to be careful”, said Ali.