Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Watch them! *

DISTURBING developments have unfolded under this administration on three matters involving key players.

Firstly, a long standing member of the People's National Movement(PNM), Harry Ragoonanan, was suspended from the party, with allegations of attempting to manipulate “certain tender processes at a State enterprise”.

But Ragoonanan says he is targeted because he exposed corruption. His story is he offered to help Works Minister Rohan Sinanan, and found “the best ferry, Tera Jet,” for the seabridge, Port Authority officials agreeing “this is the boat they going with.” However, a Government bigwig called the authority claiming Ragoonanan is a “scamp” and the Tera Jet was dropped. “Nobody calls me a scamp. I went to town looking at this whole deal with the Cabo Star and Ocean Flower II and unearthed all the corruption. That is what they want to kill me for,” says Ragoonanan. Interestingly, PM Keith Rowley had himself approved the charter agreement for the two vessels, Cabinet later ratifying his decision.


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