Saturday, February 24, 2018

Four men shot in Moruga

FOUR MEN liming near a bar in Moruga were shot on Sunday.

The victims sustained gunshot wounds to the hands and legs, police said.

At around 10.30  p.m. Lorenzo Rostant, Matthew Toussaint both of La Lune, Kevin Morvant of Edward Trace and Jonathon Alpheus of Grand Chemin, Moruga were liming near Rampersad Bar Basseterre Village.

Police said the men were ambushed by gunmen.

Police said Rostant was shot in the leg and right foot, Toussaint in the back, Morgan the right ankle and arm, and Alpheus, the right hand.

They were taken to Princes Town Health Centre and were transferred to San Fernando General Hospital.

Officers of the Moruga Police Station responded and searched the area for the gunmen, but no one was arrested.

Cpl Thomas is investigating.