Monday, February 19, 2018

Bad road to Princes Town: Taxis raise fare$

As of Monday, commuters will pay $1 more to travel between San Fernando and Princes Town.

The Main Road Taxi Drivers Association said, the increase became necessary due to the deplorable conditions of the road, higher fuel costs, increase insurance premiums and higher prices on car repairs.

Secretary of the Association, Arjoon Jagdipsingh said, “We are raising the fare by $1 across the board. Drops that cost $5 will now be $6; those that were $7 will now be $8 and all off-route drops will be $3 more.”

He said, “I am a former taxi driver and just running a taxi now has become more costly. There has been increased charges in gas, when you go to the mechanic and car parts.”

Jagdipsingh noted that a meeting was held by the Association last week to discuss the matter.

He said, “The Association deemed this move necessary for taxi drivers to absorb the rising cost of living.”