Monday, December 18, 2017

Nunez-Tesheira one step closer to $18m*

Court dismisses appeals filed by Gulf View Medical Centre, Dr Crisen Roopchand...

‘Relieved’: Karen Nunez-Tesheira

port of spain
FORMER government minister Karen Nunez-Tesheira is now one step closer to receiving more than $18 million in compensation from Gulf View Medical Centre and one of its doctors for the death of her husband. This after the Court of Appeal yesterday upheld the ruling of a High Court judge who found they were liable, by way of negligence, for her husband’s death.
The three-judge panel presiding at the Hall of Justice, Port of Spain, dismissed the appeals filed by Gulf View and Dr Crisen Jendra Roopchand, in which they were seeking to have the court overturn the ruling of Vasheist Kokaram, which was delivered in March 2015.

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