Monday, December 18, 2017

Local nutritionist launches 'Didi The Trini RD' on Facebook

Candida Khan is featured promoting her Didi The Trini RD cooking videos on Facebook.

YOU may have come across local cooking videos on Facebook from Didi The Trini RD, talking about her passion of food and nutrition.
Her unique “kitchen madness” is her way of doing videos which are true to her personality.

However, despite receiving much criticism and online bullying from the public, she said this has not stopped her from continuing with her passion of education in nutrition.

Candida Khan is the creator and mastermind behind these videos. At just 26 years old and She has already attained her Masters in Nutrition. She is also a registered dietitian and a Zumba instructor. Her website includes her blog posts and writings about nutrition and of course food.

Born in San Fernando, Khan now lives in Chaguanas.

Her journey began back in 2013 during her first degree at the University of the West Indies, St Augustine campus. Her aim was to share nutrition information to everyone and created a Facebook page, Nutrition Secrets.

However, through her sister's encouragement, she rebranded and renamed to Didi the Trini RD.

Her videos posted are not only on local cuisine and how to make them but also features the nutritional value of ingredients used. She also speaks about health, hygiene and chronic illness.

Speaking to the Express, Khan said: “My passion really grew during my B.Sc. Human Nutrition and Dietetics. I honestly had no idea of my plans after my A level experience and my mum guided me to put this degree as my second option. When I started, it was so interesting to me to learn about the impact that food had on individuals and that the importance of food in everyday life. We need to eat to live and what we eat affects our overall health. As I learnt, I just wanted to share and help others. It has always been my aim. I want to help others nutritionally and help them to overcome, prevent and stabilize their chronic conditions.

Candida Khan and one of her many nutritional recipes.

The videos allow me to express myself the way I wish to and I enjoy making them. The aim with the videos is to get the nutrition information out there as well as to promote healthier lifestyles. I wish to do this as a form of income as well through advertising, sponsorship, getting businesses involved, hosting events, promotions, using persons products in my videos, doing dietary plans, assessment, counselling etc. It's my passion and being unemployed, I wish to make it part of my life that can also allow me to get an income as well.”

Responding to her critics, Khan said despite the aim of many to bring her down, this will only strengthen her character and motivate her to go further.

“Yes, many persons have something negative to say, even if it's against the law to do what they are doing. It's called online bullying and it was expected. I watch other Youtubers get those same comments and I realise that it comes with the territory. Yes their aim is to bring me down, stop me and prevent me from doing what I have to do, but they will be unsuccessful because my deep passion and motivation to help others drives me to continue. God has guided me to this. I actually understand why I had such hard negativity during my childhood and it was to build me to the person I am today. I have been able to watch the comments, read them, be shocked and amazed by them, saddened and then move on because then I see my supporters who encourage and guide me,” she said.

She said her videos are not to copy anyone or to gain attention but rather of her staying true to herself.

Khan said her future goals include writing a recipe book which she has already started to compile.

Candida Khan wears a T-Shirt portraying her brand name.

Her big break she said is for the “right person” to notice her talent and invest. She wants to cater for people with specific needs especially when it comes to chronic diseases.

She said: “I really want to get sponsors and advertisers, be hosts for events, continue my dietetics on the side and eventually have my own TV show where I prepare healthy meals with my audience and have a session discussing chronic diseases in Trinidad and Tobago. I also want to do catering to persons who have specific needs. The sky is the limit and I just need the right persons to see my videos, believe in my capabilities and give me the break that I need.”

She can be contacted through her Facebook page, Didi The Trini RD, or via her website