Monday, December 18, 2017

'They said they would kill us' - Family tells of traumatic attack by thieves

An elderly couple and their daughter were held at gunpoint as five men ransacked their home on Sunday.

The family was at their Bamboo Settlement No. 2, Valsayn, home when the men entered at around 5.36pm.

The couple and their daughter were forced to lay on the floor as the men shouted to hand over cash and valuables.

The couple's daughter posted the family's ordeal on social media.

She wrote, “I've always heard the horror stories of crime..and never thought in my wildest dreams me and my family would also be a victim of this traumatic horrible ordeal.. On Sunday 19th nov at 5:36 pm in bamboo settlement no 2.. I saw this white libero wagon speeding to my house but before I could lock the doors.. the gun was already to my head with 4 other men running up to me as well.. They started screaming at us to get on the floor and put our heads down.. It was just me my mother and father alone home.. It was 5 guys .. Young gangster looking mixture of both African and east Indian all carrying guns and cutlasses as well..”

The woman continued that she and her mother handed over all their cash and valuables.

Then the men asked for the keys to her gold coloured Nissan Tiida car.

She wrote, “They kept asking us questions and I kept saying pls take everything you want but don't hurt us.. We had to remain on the ground for about 5 mins before they then started screaming and cussing for the car keys.. They made me go outside and start the car then I had to drag myself back to the ground position.... We tried everything in our power to not aggravate these 5 brutal looking young men.”

The gunmen then cut the family's telephone lines and took their cellphones.

“Then they sped off in my gold PDH 2246 Tiida.. Imagine we work so hard and some people bully and even kill you for your own stuff.. Welcome to sweet T&T. And even though we may never get back what was stolen I thank God they didn't hurt us because we all know how these cases usually end,” she said.

Police have confirmed the incident and have launched a manhunt for the suspects.