Monday, December 18, 2017

"Skippy" shot in both legs

...bandits escape with car

Barrington "Skippy" Thomas

Barrington "Skippy" Thomas

RADIO talk show host and political activist Barrington “Skippy” Thomas was shot in both legs at his Champ Fleurs home on Wednesday night.

Thomas, 43, had just returned to his home when he was accosted by gun-toting thieves at around 9 p.m.

The assailants shot him in both legs and demanded the keys to his Toyota Axio, police said.

They sped off in the vehicle and escaped.

Police officers from the St Joseph station responded and Thomas was taken to the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex.

Thomas underwent emergency surgery on Thursday morning to remove a bullet to one of the legs.

The leg has been placed in a cast and Thomas is warded.

Thomas, a member of the United National Congress, worked previously as an advisor to former Minister of the People under the People's Partnership Dr Glenn Ramdharsingh.

He had been fired from his post as executive director of Policy Outreach and Strategy in the Ministry.

Thomas is employed at Power 102.1 FM.