Monday, December 18, 2017

Road Rage

...protests in Beetham, PBR after police arrests

Long lines of standstill traffic along Beetham highway shortly before midday.

Photo: via social media

A police exercise in the Beetham was said to have triggered Thursday morning protests along the Priority Bus Route (PBR) and the Beetham Highway, during which debris was burned in the roadways and missiles allegedly thrown at motorists in traffic.

By midday the uproar had been quelled by police and most of the debris moved from the road but a heavy police presence remained on the PBR, highway and inside Beetham.

Burning debris in the roads included wooden pallets, branches and tyres and some motorists who posted on social media claimed to have had rocks and metal object hurled at them.

On the PBR, northbound traffic was being diverted to the Eastern Main Road from Morvant Junction, up to just after midday.

Reports from citizens caught in heavy traffic as a result of the uprising were that the east bound segment of the Beetham was totally blocked nearly up to midday and those caught in it, fearful for their lives, were advising those leaving Port of Spain to either delay or seek other routes.

Those drivers who were able to turn around and head west did so, while clips of videos of the incident showed groups of people, assumed to be from the Beetham, running along the bus route and highway gesticulating and shouting.

The Ministry of Works and Transport also issued an advisory around 1:00 p.m., advising of heavy congestion on the Beetham Highway, due to an ongoing police exercise.

The ministry advised motorists to use the Lady Young Road  and the said the Trinidad and Toba go Police Service was on the scene, addressing the situation.