Saturday, December 16, 2017

Woman murdered in house filled with guns and ammo

Destroyed by fire, the house at Purcell Street, San Fernando. Photo: TREVOR WATSON

A WOMAN was murdered early Friday in the house where a cache of firearms and ammunition, and marijuana was found two days ago.

The house was also burnt to the ground.

At around 2.30 a.m. residents awoke to gunfire at the house at Purcell Street, San Fernando.

Within moments the house erupted in flames from the inside. 

Officers of the Mon Repos Fire Station, Marabella CID, Southern Division Task Force and Homicide department responded.

 The woman was found but police believe she was shot first.

Crime scene investigators and Fire Prevention Unit officers were at the house.

On Wednesday night officers of the Organised Crime and Intelligence Unit raided the house at Purcell Street.

Police seized over 500 rounds of nine millimetre, 5.56, and .380 calibre, and 12 guage cartridges.

Also recovered were a firearm silencer, six firearms, several magazines and 12.5 kilogrammes of marijuana.

No arrests were made.