Monday, January 22, 2018

SITAL College expands its MBA programmes

Photo of Sital students. Image courtesy Sital

In 2010, we launched our MBA degrees and we are expanding our portfolio of postgraduate qualifications.

We have now partnered with the University of Bedfordshire to offer a new suite of UK-accredited MBAs and are excited to tell you why. We know that people considering an MBA must be satisfied about credibility, support, accessibility and affordability. Below, we outline these aspects briefly, but encourage you to contact us to discuss in more detail.


SITAL College is an established and trusted institution that has been in existence for over 25 years. We operate with a high level of integrity which is demonstrated by employees at all levels within our institution. Students can rest assured that we put our energies into supporting them, because we see their success as ours. The MBA is also approved by the Accreditation Council of Trinidad and Tobago.

Programmes are taught and guided by local faculty and University of Bedfordshire Academics

Our lecturers have met the academic criteria required by the University of Bedfordshire; and the university’s academics will engage our faculty throughout to ensure that the high standards are maintained. Lecturers are further guided by SITAL’s Academic Director and Professional Development Specialist; and our students will be supported by our exceptional administrative staff.

Our graduates leave with good qualifications as well as characteristics and skills that add value to them and to their workplace or business. Important characteristics include creative & critical thinking, the ability to: communicate ideas and perspectives fluently and responsibly; identify and address problems from an interdisciplinary perspective; and function in diverse teams and communities – all the hallmarks of our training.

Complete in as little as 12 months

There are six units in total which include a 2-part final project (thesis). Students will be engaged in the completion of these units which run consecutively over a period of six weeks each. Classes are conducted mainly on weekends and will be delivered through lectures, workshops, seminars and tutorials.

One of the MOST Affordable MBAs

Typically MBAs in Trinidad and Tobago range from $50,000.00 to $100,000.00. We have kept the cost down to under $50,000.00, and this includes the university fees. To make it even more affordable, students can choose our monthly payment plan or we can help you apply for study loans that have instalments of less than $500.00 per month.
About the University of Bedfordshire
The University of Bedfordshire is a fully-accredited modern, innovative university with a heritage of top quality education going back more than 100 years, and has more than 24,000 students from over 100 countries. Bedfordshire’s inclusion in the World University rankings follows a particularly successful year for the University, and the latest student satisfaction figures announced by the National Student Survey ranked Bedfordshire as follows:
• Top 10 university for most improved teaching
• Top 25 university for improving the student experience
• Ranked 12th for most improved learning resources
• Top 20 for most improved academic support

The University works with a wide range of partners from Europe, China, Middle East, South East Asia and now in the Caribbean to develop students and to ensure that there are opportunities for everyone to access higher education and reach their potential. You can find out more at

Apply for classes starting in January 2018

The direct entry route for this MBA is an Honours Degree. Holders of non-Honours degrees can apply once they have at least 3 years’ work experience. Other candidates with relevant qualifications or appropriate work experience will be considered – just send us your CV and we will advise you before you apply. As an introductory offer, students who apply for January 2018 classes will receive 20% REDUCTION IN TUITION FEES.

We invite you to learn more about these accessible and very affordable degrees today. Call 226-5085 or 226-5084, email or visit our website at We are located at 106 Eastern Main Road Tacarigua and will be happy to meet with you.