Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Destroying the judicial guardrails *

IT is not surprising that the issue of the allocation of public housing is front page news once again.

What is astonishing is that it is allegations concerning the conduct of the Chief Justice that have put the issue back on the front page; but first, a little recap.

In April, 2016, long after town was saying it, this newspaper finally broke the news that approximately 70 media employees or their relatives had been allocated houses over a five-year period having been “recommended” by Ministers or their satellites. At that time, I described the situation as the media cookie jar.

Notably, however, there were several wet blanket comments from media interests intended to damp down criticism of the significant conflict of interests between the media's weighty duties to be impartial in the public interest and its gratitude for political largesse. Moreover, there was not one worthwhile editorial on the subject.


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