Saturday, January 20, 2018

We need to empower ourselves *

WE citizens are the truly empowered, who empower all “others”. Let's not be induced into surrendering this power to whoever purports to speak and act on our behalf, without consulting us, improperly claiming to be the source of our empowerment.

In this diverse, fractious country, we conveniently ascribe notions of corruption to “others”. However, honest self-appraisal prompts ready acceptance of the disturbing truth that corruption is the manifestation of our collective insatiable greed. No tribe—political, religious or ethnic— has a monopoly on corruption here.

It infiltrates the entire societal fabric. And while spin doctors throw the spotlight on the wrongdoing of “others”, the reality is this phenomenon is very much democratised. It is a growing cancer eating away the soul of the nation. Whether petty bribery at the Licensing Office, “eating ah food” in CEPEP (Community-based Environment Protection and Enhancement Programme) or feasting at a banquet of preferential State contracts, corruption grand and petty is pervasive throughout the land.



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