Saturday, January 20, 2018

Bullying: The pre-psychosis trigger *

Germaine Bovell-Pitt


The issue of bullying is of grave concern among school officials when considering the short- and long-term adverse effects it can have an individual, including his/her educational attainment. It is a serious behavioural problem affecting adolescents, both in schools and in homes. This is especially problematic because there is under-reporting on this issue. Is it that some school administrations report bullying incidence and some don't? Or is it that some administrations do not have a clearer definition or understanding of what bullying really constitutes?

The imprecision and inconclusiveness surrounding the definition of bullying may be as a result of arguable synonyms such as aggression, aggressive behaviour, repeated aggression, repeated oppression of the powerless, and negative actions to others. Such different views may have contributed to the difficulties in identifying bullying behaviour.


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