Friday, December 15, 2017

Nationwide search for Vicky CoP orders probe

Where is she? - Vicky Boodram

Acting Police Commissioner Stephen Williams has ordered an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the release of a prisoner identified as, Vicky Nirupa Boodram from the Women's Prison, Golden Grove Arouca, around 5:15pm on Monday.

The probe was announced in a press statement issued by the police service late on Tuesday, almost a day after two police officers allegedly went to the Golden Grove Prison in Arouca and took Boodram away to a "night court" that does not exist.

Boodram, 35, whose last known address is No. 34 Gambal Street, Siparia, was on remand since March 2016 after being denied bail on 175 fraud related charges.

A nationwide search is also underway for the recapture of the prisoner whose release was unauthorised and all ports of entry and exit are on alert.

A breakdown of the charges facing Boodram are as follows:

1. 127 Counts of Demanding Property by virtue of a forged instrument

2. 25 Counts of Larceny

3. 10 Counts of Uttering a forged document

4. 5 Counts of Forgery of a bill of exchange valuable security with intent to


5. 3 Counts of Attempting to Obtain property by False Pretences

6. 2 Counts of Money Laundering

7. 1 Count of Uttering False Valuable Security

8. 1 Count of Obtaining Credit by Fraud

9. 1 Count of Causing the delivery of property by virtue of a forged instrument.

Anyone having information that can lead to the recapture of Boodram is asked to contact the nearest police station, 999 or 800-TIPS.