Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Deeds, not words*

HEATED MOMENT: In this November 5 photo, an FC Santa Rosa player, left, and two Hydro Tech Ltd Guaya United players dispute a decision of referee Cecile Hinds, right, during a Trinidad and Tobago Super League match. —Photo courtesy: GUAYA UNITED

It has been a memorable first season for the re-constituted Trinidad and Tobago Super League. But not for the right reasons. Whoever wins, season 2017 will be remembered for the row between Super League president Keith Look Loy and the Trinidad and Tobago Referees Association.
For those not familiar, Look Loy had, shall we say, harsh words for female referee Cecile Hinds during a top-of-the-table match between FC Santa Rosa, which he coaches, and Guaya United. 

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