Thursday, January 18, 2018

Has Petrotrin made a Fraud Squad report?

...Senator Gerald Ramdeen wants to know

Why has Petrotrin not sent its audit reports to the police and why has it not terminated the contract of A&V Drilling?

These were the questions raised by Opposition Senator Gerald Ramdeen yesterday as he said that the resignation of PNM Senator Allyson Baksh, daughter of chief executive of A&V Oil and Gas, Haniff Nazim Baksh, the man at the centre of the “fake oil” controversy was long in coming.

Baksh was replaced by former PNM public relations officer Ronald Huggins.

“Now that Senator Baksh has resigned the question arises is what is the next step that Petrotrin is going to take in this matter,” said Ramdeen.

He said the Petrorin board led by its chairman have a fiduciary duty to the people of this country, Petrotrin being a State organisation.

Ramdeen noted that Petrotirn has an internal and external report which says that almost $100 million was paid out to the company.

“Why the board of Petrotrin has not sent that report to the Commissioner of Police for investigation with respect to the criminal breaches of the law that may have taken place and why Petrotrin has not acted on the report and terminated A&V contract as well as taken steps to recover the monies they have been paid thus far is really a matter for the board of Petrotrin to account for,” said Ramdeen.

Ramdeen said the Attorney General has said that the Government is intent on “following the money,,”.

“It cannot be that where an internal audit report and an external audit report conforms that this is taking place that Petrotrin is taking its time to take any steps to recover the money and to terminate the contract. As we speak A&V have a contract for the provision of oil and drilling services to Petrotrin and one cannot understand which reasonable board acting in the best interest of the people of Trinidad and Tobago would not have acted on that report as yet,” he said.