Thursday, January 18, 2018

Injured husband, baby will miss funeral

Shamir Boban (right) and his baby survived the crash that killed his wife Sharmilla Singh.

CRITICALLY injured crash survivor Shamir Boban will miss his wife's funeral on Thursday, says his uncle Jeffery Abdool.

On Monday, Boban, his wife Sharmilla Singh and their six-month-old baby of Rees Road, Barrackpore were minutes away from their home when a car driven by a teenager from the neighbouring street collided with the couple.

Singh died in the crash while her husband suffered severe damage.

According to Abdool, both of Boban's hands and legs are broken, he has a crushed hip and several broken ribs. He is in a conscious but listed in a critical state.

The couple's infant daughter, Baby Karen is warded at the paediatrics ward at the San Fernando Teaching Hospital.

The teenager driver and his passenger, both 19-years-old, are also in hospital. Police are investigating the crash as a motor manslaughter case.