Friday, December 15, 2017

Prison Service: Don't blame us, the cops did it

Vicky Boodram

THE Prison Service is defending its reputation against a flood of criticised following the “release” of accused fraudster Vicky Boodram from the Golden Grove Prison, Arouca on Monday.

In a statement issued by the Prison Service on Wednesday, Commissioner of Prisons Gerard Wilson stated that at around 5.15p.m on Monday Boodram was legitimately handed over to a female and male officer (names and ranks identified) after they presented a Court Note from the Tunapuna Magistrates' Court, ordering her appearance.

He said that while it was the practice is infrequent, it is not illegal, he said and the prisons merely house remanded prisoners for the courts.

“It should be noted that all protocols and procedures were followed upon receipt of the documents and Boodram was released into the officers' care, as a Police Habeas”.

He said that the prison service was working with the police service on the investigation.