Saturday, January 20, 2018

Understanding reputational damage *

REFERRING to the unattractive salary and conditions of service of judges at that time, then Chief Justice, Sir Isaac Hyatali, in October, 1978 made his famous statement that “we were heading for a situation in which the brandy will have to be watered considerably to fill future vacancies on the Bench.”

He returned to that theme in October, 1980 when he said the inability to find fit and proper persons to fill vacancies in the Law Departments of the State had “reached the point where we may well have to drown the brandy with water instead of merely watering it, in order to fill the staggering number of vacancies in the Judicial and Legal Service.”

When dealing with the Judiciary, CJ Hyatali no doubt chose brandy as the symbol of a desired standard of potency and refinement.


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